Meet Mary

“I have friends I wish would consider Tamworth Gardens because I think they would get so much more pleasure in life, they really would.

Mary’s Story

After Mary’s husband passed away, living in her large two story home with big gardens was not practical. “I had some health issues and found it too much for me”. Mary loves the no maintenance lifestyle at Tamworth Gardens, but still gets to enjoy her garden. “I even found a way of bringing my lovely lemon tree with me. I just put it in a pot”.

Mary has always been an active community member in Tamworth and loves the sense of community at Tamworth Gardens, “Everyone has got something to add. It’s a very big plus.” Security was another big issue for Mary. “I was getting very frightened in my old place. I never slept soundly, always listening for noises. Here I feel safe and sleep like a baby.”

Meet Keith

“I have found the residents, and staff have gone out of their way to make this a great place and a very special experience.”

Keith’s Story

After the loss of his wife Keith decided that he would have a pretty lonely life on his own and decided with the assistance from his children he would find a place that he could start a new life.

“My family and myself, investigated many options and retirement places, but none impressed me more than Tamworth Gardens Retirement Estate – their solidly built villas, Community Centre and facilities, and beautifully maintained gardens. After a big change to my lifestyle, I have settled in happily. I found the residents, and staff have gone out of their way to make this a great place and a very special experience. I have found a beautiful place to be my new home”.

Meet Helen

“It looked beautiful with all the gardens and each villa individually set in a nice spacial environment.”

Helen’s Story

Helen had no intentions to look at retirement living until she came to Tamworth Gardens Retirement Estate with a friend to see what was on offer. “I fell in love with the place.” Helen went away and gave the whole concept of retirement living a lot of thought, wrote down all the options, her needs, and considered the benefit of security and no more maintenance.  “I went back to Tamworth Gardens, placed down my deposit and here I am!”

“I absolutely love it – I take my dog for early morning walks to the river on easy walking paths where chairs are placed to sit and take in the views. My villa is beautifully designed for easy living – flat no steps, practical design and very comfortable, and I have been able to add my own personal touches into my space. No regrets at all. Except why I didn’t do it earlier. I just love it – I absolutely love it.”