Tamworth Gardens is a vibrant community made up of people from all walks of life with their own unique stories. This page features residents stories detailing their decision to move to Tamworth Gardens and life since.


Meet Mary

“As we get older life has to change. I have friends I wish would consider Tamworth Gardens because I think they would get so much more pleasure in life, they really would.”

Mary’s Story

After Mary’s husband passed away, living in her large two story home with big gardens was not practical. “I had some health issues and found it too much for me”. Mary loves the no maintenance lifestyle at Tamworth Gardens, but still gets to enjoy her garden. “I even found a way of bringing my lovely lemon tree with me. I just put it in a pot”. Mary has always been an active community member in Tamworth and loves the sense of community at Tamworth Gardens “Everyone has got something to add. It’s a very big plus” Security was another big issue for Mary. “I was getting very frightened in my old place. I never slept soundly, always listening for noises. Here I feel safe and sleep like a baby.”


Meet John

“Friends have told me that I look 10 years younger since moving in. Tamworth Gardens is the place to come to.”

John’s Story

After his wife died, John was left alone in the family home and was feeling isolated. “Things had slowed down for me. I was despondent and having great problems dealing with the death of my wife. It was obvious that I needed people around me”. John had heard about Tamworth Gardens friendly residents. After moving in John quickly made friends and loves being part of the community. He also feels safe Living at Tamworth Gardens “My family have peace of mind knowing that I am safe and have friends around me”. John is really happy with his decision to move in. “It’s given me a fresh start. I am really satisfied with my lot in life now.”


Meet Max & Margaret

“It’s one of the best decisions we have ever made. This is a great place to live.”

Max & Margaret’s Story

Max and Margret could no longer manage in their family home and needed to find a place that would allow dogs. “We checked and nowhere would allow dogs but Tamworth Gardens was pet friendly”.  Max also has some health issues and needed a home without steps. “The design is completely flat. Not a step in sight. We also have the security of the medical monitor if something goes wrong. We just push the button and help is instantly available.” Max and Margaret also enjoy the community atmosphere. “We pretty much keep to ourselves but people are friendly and we can join in when we want to. It’s good knowing people are around.”


Meet Pam

“I feel safe and love having people around me but still maintain my privacy.”

Pam’s Story

Pam had lived in her large family home on a big double block. It was far too big for her and was difficult and costly to maintain. “Most of the properties surrounding me had become rentals. Neighbours would come and go and there was lots of noise.” Pam no longer felt safe.  She had friends who had moved to Tamworth Gardens and were extremely happy so thought she would take a look, and quickly realised it was where she wanted to live. She loved the fact that there is a strong community atmosphere without compromising her privacy.

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