Gannon Lifestyle Communities

One of the first differences you’ll discover that distinguishes Tamworth Gardens from other villages, is that it’s being built by a family rather than a big development company, organisation or charity.

The Gannon family has built a solid reputation over the last 30 years for building some of the most successful retirement estates in this country, including: Tamworth Gardens, Wodonga Gardens, Angle Vale Gardens and Griffith Retirement Estate.

Tom and Michael Gannon are involved every step of the way and create their estates based on simple family values and respect for the people who will live there.

At Tamworth Gardens Retirement Estate you’ll immediately feel calm, relaxed and ‘at home’. There’s a variety of free-standing villa designs to reflect your individual personality, rather than the corporate regimentation of the same duplex repeated over and over.

There’ll be gardens and walkways to stroll around, and a community centre with shared recreational facilities to give you plenty of things to do and plenty of opportunities to be sociable, if you feel like it.

The Gannons know a real community can’t be manufactured; it has to be nurtured.


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